Dear CellScope… A Saved Visit to the PCP

AaronSolomon letter

Dear CellScope,

          I have had a clogged ear for the past two weeks. I used your iPhone otoscope and sent the image to you [through Seymour]. The doctor’s response was that it was not an ear infection but effusion, and that I should consult my physician. Ruling out otitis media and avoiding unnecessary antibiotics is as important as a positive finding. I went to an ENT today, and told him about my CellScope experience. I pulled out my iPhone and showed him the video. He said, “Well based on that image, I can clearly see that you have effusion.” He performed a myringotomy to drain the significant fluid behind my ear. Because I used CellScope, I avoided unnecessary antibiotics, avoided an extra office visit with my PCP who would have then referred me to an ENT, and was able to more quickly receive treatment.

           Keep up the good work.


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