Introducing Seymour: Get Fast Answers to Your Kids’ Health Concerns

We are very excited to announce our recent launch of our new mobile app Seymour (See-More) available nationwide.  We are expanding beyond ear care to offer families a smarter way to care for their kids’ health concerns.

The Seymour app gives parents quick answers from a trusted pediatrician about their kids’ health.  Whether a parent spots an unfamiliar rash on their child or is questioning whether to take him into the doctor, Seymour gives parents 24/7 access to a trusted pediatrician to help determine next steps.


Seymour (See-More) is your trusted friend for managing your family’s health concerns.

“Our goal at CellScope is to give parents the tools they need to make informed decisions about their kids’ health from anywhere,” said Amy Sheng, Co-Founder of CellScope.  “When it comes to questions about common health conditions like skin rashes, bug bites and allergies, parents are often left in the dark not knowing whether to take their kid into the doctor, head to urgent care or watch and wait.  Rather than frantically search Google or WebMD for an answer, parents can turn to Seymour for peace of mind. “

Seymour wants to eliminate as much frustration and worry around helping parents get the answers they need for peace of mind.  This means making it easy to capture photos of health conditions that can be used by Seymour’s doctors to evaluate a health concern.  Seymour’s smart software features and phone attachments (including the Oto) guides parents each step of the way on how to take high quality skin and ear images from home.  And for just $10, parents can share the images with Seymour’s network of board-certified pediatricians for a personal assessment and treatment plan in under two hours* (First doctor opinion is free.)

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*You will not be able to receive a formal diagnosis or prescription.