[NEW FEATURE] Introducing Our Smart Reference Tool For ‘Oto for Clinicians’

Oto for Clinicians users can now update their CellScope app to unlock our new Smart Reference Tool – designed to help educate patients and trainees.

See Demo Video Below:

When you take an exam, select 
Compare to Smart Reference Images to see similar images and explain your diagnosis.

Already using the tool? Share your feedback in the comments or by taking our short, 1-minute, survey. 

Want to hear more about what’s planned for Oto for Clinicians? Watch our recent webinar.

Introducing CellScope DIRECT – New Remote Care Program


Our vision at CellScope is to improve the doctor-patient relationship by increasing patient engagement, helping doctors provide the highest quality care to their patients and offering families radical convenience.

We are excited to announce the nationwide launch our new virtual care platform to bring families and doctors one step closer to this vision. Our CellScope DIRECT platform enables doctors to provide families with remote care for common conditions that usually require an in office visit.

What sets CellScope DIRECT apart from other remote care platforms is that we have built smart mobile tools to enable patients to capture and share diagnostic quality images of their sick kiddos. Our first tool, Oto for Families, enables parents to take images of their child’s eardrum at home and receive a diagnosis or treatment follow-up.

CellScope DIRECT aims to save patients and physicians time, enable high quality care and reduce over prescription of antibiotics through remote care.  We currently have practices using our platform in over 9 states across pediatrics, family medicine and otolaryngology (ENT).

Read a Q&A with one of the first doctors on CellScope DIRECT, Dr. Chad Rudnick, about how he is leading the new wave of pediatrics at his practice, Boca VIPediatrics.

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