Navigating ear wax with the Oto

Not all ears look the same inside. If you see something in the ear, chances are it’s earwax.  While it might be a little gross to look at, ear wax helps keep your ears healthy and clean. At CellScope, we’re big fans of ear wax EXCEPT when it gets in the way of taking an ear exam. It can be frustrating when you finally get your child to sit still for an ear exam only to hear from the doctor that there’s too much wax to see the eardrum. Earwax_Detector

We want to keep making things easier for your family and are excited to introduce improvements to our eardrum finder. Now, the app will alert you if there’s too much wax to see the eardrum and remind you if the eardrum wasn’t found during the exam. Update your app by heading to the app store on your iPhone.Too_Much_Wax

If the wax is impacted, it may need to be removed.  Please don’t try to remove wax at home, rather, consult your primary care physician.

Want to learn more about Oto? Head to our website now.

4 thoughts on “Navigating ear wax with the Oto

  1. Don Remley says:

    Couldn’t CellScope be used to check mouth and throat problems? I have a friend who had tongue cancer. I thought the scope might be used to send periodic pictures to her surgeon.

    • Eliza at CellScope says:

      Hi Dom,

      Thanks for your comment! We are expanding our current app to accommodate skin and eye images in addition to ear images. Unfortunately, at this time the Oto is not optimized for mouth and throat imaging but please join our mailing list to stay updated if this changes:

      Be Well,

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