Navigating ear wax with the Oto

Not all ears look the same inside. If you see something in the ear, chances are it’s earwax.  While it might be a little gross to look at, ear wax helps keep your ears healthy and clean. At CellScope, we’re big fans of ear wax EXCEPT when it gets in the way of taking an ear exam. It can be frustrating when you finally get your child to sit still for an ear exam only to hear from the doctor that there’s too much wax to see the eardrum. Earwax_Detector

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‘Oto for Clinicians’ Tips: Capture a still frame from an ear video

We’ve designed the Oto to enhance the ear exam experience for patients and physicians. Since younger patients aren’t always thrilled with having their ears checked, getting a still picture of the eardrum can be tough. We recommend taking a video first and then capturing a frame later. The best part? Send your patient home with an image of his or her ear by emailing directly from the app.

Capture a still frame from a video exam in 5 steps:

1. Take a video and head to the Exam Review screen by selecting “Review.”

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