Don’t Get Stuck With Sick Kiddos on Your Summer Vacation


After weeks of planning, scheduling time off work, planning around your kids’ endless activities and locking down on an affordable (hopefully!) travel deal, summer vacation with your family is a much anticipated affair. Yet, we all know airplanes, cruise ships and hotel rooms are petri dishes for germs – just like daycare, the school bus or the local shopping mall. There is nothing that can ruin the excitement of summer vacation more quickly than having your kids get sick and struggling to figure out what’s wrong with them or worrying about finding treatment far from home.

Vacations are supposed to be an escape from everyday worries and a time for fun.  With the Oto we hope to help keep vacations that way.

Consult a doctor even when miles away from home – A doctor’s opinion is never more than two hours away!  If your child begins to complain or show signs of ear pain, simply take out your Oto from your travel bag.  Take an ear video and send it to one of our certified doctors for an immediate answer.

Get peace of mind when traveling with a sick child – Even if your child has been diagnosed with an ear infection prior to your flight and your pediatrician has prescribed ‘watchful watching,’ a stress-free vacation is still achievable.   Whether you are on the beach, at Disneyland or camping in the wilderness, simply take an video of your kid’s ear each day and send to one of our doctors or your own pediatrician for follow-up.*

Get advice on whether to reschedule your flight – If your child develops an infection within hours of your scheduled trip, consider postponing your flight. Ear infections usually subside within a day or two, and sparing your child unnecessary ear pain may be well worth the delay. Cabin pressure can be particularly uncomfortable at the onset of an ear infection when the eardrum is most sensitive.  Send an ear exam with the Oto to one of our doctors and they will help you determine whether you should reschedule the flight or not.

Don’t already have an Oto?  Order your Oto today.

*Sending an ear exam to our doctors with the Oto requires wi-fi or access to a data plan.

This blog post is not intended to provide medical advice.  

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