Tips & Tricks: Oto for Clinician Users

As you get used to your Oto here are a few ‘Tips & Tricks’ to get the most out of your experience!

Ensure the Best Image Quality for Your Ear Exams: 

IMG_16801. To ensure crisp images, clean both your camera and the Oto attachment lenses with a non-scratching, lint-free microfiber cloth that is dry or dampened with alcohol.  Care should also be taken not to scratch the lens of the otoscope attachment or the phone.  See the complete Instructions for Use document for more details on maintenance.

2. Want higher definition images? Visit Settings within the app and select “Upload & Record Options” and set to high resolution.

Save Space on Your iPhone:

1.  Want more space to capture all your patient exams? There’s a setting for that too! From the Settings screen click on ‘Archive Exams’ to set-up auto-archiving of your exams and free up space on your phone.

Note – high resolution images will take up more space on your phone.

Remember to update your CellScope app for our newest version. Update Here. 

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