Surviving Spring Allergy Season

Baby girl sneeze

Ear Health & Allergies:  

With springtime almost in full bloom, it’s that time of year when your whole family will inevitably begin their annual ritual of sniffling and sneezing. In addition to the all too familiar runny & itchy noses, sneezing, postnasal drip and nasal congestion, high pollen levels also commonly trigger an accumulation of fluid and wax in the middle ear, which can lead to ear infections and even hearing loss.

With lots going on and multiple kids in tow, it’s difficult to get organized and keep track of your kids’ symptoms. With Oto we want to provide you with an all-in-one solution to track, treat and monitor your family’s ear-related allergy concerns.

Allergy Monitoring for the Entire Family:

Track your family’s allergy symptoms in one place –


Our mobile app allows you to easily note when each of your children has a fever, nasal congestion, and/or itchy nose and associate the symptoms with an image of their eardrums.  With a visual history of your children’s progression of allergy symptoms, communicating with your pediatrician is now easier.  You will now know exactly when your child’s eardrum started showing redness and swelling and what his or her temperature was at time of onset.


Determine the Cause of Ear Discomfort 

Allergies can cause ear itching, aches and feeling
of fullness and popping in the ears.  Sometimes this is indication of an ear infection while other times, can be a symptom of other health concerns. With our doctor service, when you suspect an ear infection, you simply send the most recent ear exam to our on-call doctors for an opinion in under two hours.

Exam History

Monitor Ear Infections –

Throughout allergy season, you can monitor your child’s fluid build-up and likelihood of reinfection using the Oto.  Our app allows you to make comparisons of your child’s ear images over time. Furthermore, in instances when our doctors recommend ‘watchful waiting,’ you have the tools you need to peek into your child’s ears and get the answers you need, without having to schlep everyone to the doctor’s office again.

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Tips & Tricks: Oto for Clinician Users

As you get used to your Oto here are a few ‘Tips & Tricks’ to get the most out of your experience!

Ensure the Best Image Quality for Your Ear Exams: 

IMG_16801. To ensure crisp images, clean both your camera and the Oto attachment lenses with a non-scratching, lint-free microfiber cloth that is dry or dampened with alcohol.  Care should also be taken not to scratch the lens of the otoscope attachment or the phone.  See the complete Instructions for Use document for more details on maintenance.

2. Want higher definition images? Visit Settings within the app and select “Upload & Record Options” and set to high resolution.

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