Meet the CellScope Doctors: Dr. Keilani

One of the most valuable things about Oto HOME is that you have direct access to a board-certified Pediatrician anytime of the day or night with the Oto CONNECT service. Think of it like a virtual pediatrician visit — without the waiting rooms, other sniffly kids, or groggy trips to the emergency room for late night care. We’re beaming with pride to work with so many fantastic doctors — after-all, they make it all possible for parents to have quality, personalized care for their children from home. Over the next several weeks, you’ll get to meet these fabulous Pediatricians on our blog. Learn more about them and why we think they do the most important work of all: taking care of your kids.  Dr. Keilani

Dr. Louay Keilani, Pediatrician at Valley Pediatrics

Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Dr. Keilani, why did you become a Pediatrician? I have always had a passion for medicine and working with children. Being a Pediatrician is so rewarding — plus, I get to laugh and act silly at work.  Not too many professions allow you to do that. I never know what a patient is gonna say or do, but it always puts a smile on my face.  I also love the challenge of taking of care of patients that cannot always tell you what the problem is, so I need to put the pieces of the puzzle together through other means.

How has the nature of your clinical interactions changed since entering the profession? Today in medicine, there’s an ever increasing demand to see more and more patients per day, which means you get to be spend less time with each individual patient. Reducing the time of that interaction makes it challenging to connect with them and be of real help.  It is even more important nowadays for a physician to know the right questions to ask during that short interaction, in order to diagnose or treat a patient under such constraints.

How do you think a telehealth platform like CellScope can meet the healthcare needs of today’s parents? Many parents have jobs that do not allow them to take time off work, and so it can be tough for them to get the answers they need about their children’s health.  If the problem cannot be diagnosed during the virtual visit, it at least provides a indication of the urgency of the problem, and they can plan ahead for appointments or care. CellScope truly gives parents that flexibility.

What role do you think telemedicine has in the future of healthcare? I think telemedicine will make the future of medicine bright.  In my opinion, you will never be able to replace the physician, but telemedicine has real potential to help families who do not have easy access to health care.  These new platforms can provide a unique educational opportunity to  empower families in caring for their child when ill. Additionally, telemedicine will be able to take care of the mild illnesses to allow physicians more time to spend with patients who have more complicated or severe illnesses.

What interested you about caring for patients on the CellScope telehealth platform? I was attracted to the opportunity to provide answers, guidance and education to families who have a child that is in pain or need.  It always feels great to give answers to parents who are worried, and I truly believe CellScope’s telehealth platform will help ease that burden.

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