Top 6 Baby Registry Must-Haves

We’re inspired by all of the new digital health tools for parents of young kids so we asked our resident new mom and Business Development Lead, Melissa, for her list of must-have baby items. See what items made the list.

Melissa’s New-Momma Must-Haves For Baby!

kinsa#1 Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Melissa: “I am a firm believer in the power of the smartphone to capture and store important health information, which is why I love the Kinsa thermometer. It lets you track the temperature and symptoms of your newborn and yourself to make sure that everyone is in optimal health.”

 #2 Dropcamdropcam video baby monitor

Melissa: “As a new parent, I knew I needed a baby monitor that was trustworthy and reliable.  The Dropcam has everything you need and more: night vision, HD video, and digital zoom. It’s super easy to set up and has a simple, sleek design which I love.  Even though it’s a little pricey, the features and peace of mind I get from knowing that my baby is snoozing soundly make it well worth it.”

nose_frida_nose_sucker#3 Nosefrida – The SnotSucker Nasal Aspirator

Melissa: “I truly appreciate a simply designed product that fulfills an immediate need (like a sudden onslaught of congestion and snot!). The NoseFrida Snotsucker came highly recommended to me as a must have baby registry item. Although at first, I was a bit hesitant at the idea of “sucking” snot, the SnotSucker is simple, safe and functional! It really works to clear out your baby’s congested little nose.”

#4 Baby Banz Ear Muffs baby_banz_ear_muffs

Melissa: “As you might imagine, at CellScope, we are very appreciative of good ear health. These ear muffs are great for protecting your little ones’ ears at loud events – concerts, music festivals, weddings. Pro tip: use them on the plane to transform loud background noise to white noise. This way you and your baby can get some well deserved rest.”

c26-B001ADL1SG-1-l#5 Crane Drop Humidifier

Melissa: “This product epitomizes simple, sleek, functional design.  The humidifier is quiet, hygienic and, most importantly, completely safe for a nursery.  Everybody sleeps better in my house when my baby is breathing easily.”

#6 CellScope Oto HOME: iPhone Otoscope for ParentsPreview

(Disclaimer: Melissa works for CellScope, if you didn’t catch that at the beginning of this post.)

Melissa: “Of course, I couldn’t resist adding our ear checking tool as a must have. Its smart design (just snaps right onto my iPhone) and guided software make it very intuitive to use. Even though our baby hasn’t had an ear infection yet, I am comforted knowing that the Oto is in the medicine cabinet should we suspect one. The best part? We can get an answer and a treatment plan from a trusted physician in less than 2 hours, all from home!”

For all the parents and soon-to-be-parents out there, we hope our smartphone enabled ear checking tool makes it to the top of your list of indispensable items for your child.

We want to know, what would be on your list? Tell us in the comments.

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