10 Things Your Ears Hate

Our ears are amazing organs. They allow us to experience the world in such a rich way, but often we are stumped when it comes to caring for them. Many of us make the mistake of subjecting them to things that our ears really hate. We thought we’d do your ears a favor and put together a list of the top 10 things that your ears hate, so you can avoid them if at-all possible. Continue reading

The Oto – An Ear Scope Evolution

For those familiar with our founding story, you know the Oto (our iPhone otoscope) has come a long way from its original inception in the Fletcher lab. As we gear up to release the newest version of the Oto, we thought it was fitting to take a glance at its evolution.

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The otoscope was invented in 1864, and reinvented in 2013. Now, I’d like to introduce you to the next generation Oto for iPhone 5/5S.


The new Oto is coming soon. Checking your children’s ears will never be the same. 

Case Study: The Oto Goes to a Rock Show


One of the major benefits of the CellScope Oto over a traditional analog otoscope is the ability to collect longitudinal data, which is information on the same subject over time. Since all exams taken with the Oto are time stamped, it is possible to go back through the exam history for a given patient and see how the eardrum looks as time progresses. We can see how this would be especially valuable to monitor the evoluation of a disease or infection. This same system can also be used to examine how the eardrum reacts to the progression from opening act to headliner at a rock show. Continue reading

Mobile and Digital Health in the News

(Source: North Carolina State University)

(Source: North Carolina State University)

San Francisco’s recent heat wave has inspired sandal wearing and slow movements among the CellScope team. We rounded up some great reading from the mobile and digital health world for all those who are trying to beat the heat like us or take a leisurely break from the busy week.

Digital Medical Records Become Common But Sharing Remains Challenging (The New York Times)

The Reinvention of Medicine: Dr. Algorithm V0-7 And Beyond (TechCrunch)

Rock Health: Innovating at the Intersection of Healthcare and Technology (Fast Company)

Where (in the Human Body) is Venture Capital Going (The WallStreet Journal)

IBM Watson Speeds Drug Research (Information Week)

Enjoy and stay cool!

Meet the Team: Our Hardware Lead

Tom Reeve (our mechanical engineer) eating a bacon wrapped hot dog after a concert.

Tom Reeve (our senior mechanical engineer) eating a bacon wrapped hot dog after a concert.

CellScope is lucky to have a team that is excited and energized by building things and working toward solving problems no one has tackled yet. One of our team members that exudes this energy is Tom Reeve, our Senior Mechanical Engineer. Tom is responsible for solving some of the tough challenges that we run into while making great hardware, and he makes it look so easy. We asked Tom to share a bit about himself and to tell us what it’s like working at CellScope. Continue reading