The Oto Helps Screen Ears in India


Lily Truong, co-founder of Clear Ear on the left overseeing the screening with CellScope’s Oto device.

The pool of health innovators is growing by large numbers, but the ear innovators, as we like to call them, are still a relatively small group. That’s why we were excited to connect with Clear Ear, a San Francisco start up who created two devices that safely remove wax from ears, the Oto-Tip for daily cleaning and the TEC Home for ear wax plug removal. As part of a recent Indiegogo fundraising campaign for manufacturing costs, donors could additionally help provide ear wax screening to students in countries abroad. 

Believe it or not, the number one treatable cause of hearing impairment worldwide is due to wax buildup. After a successful Indiegogo campaign, the Clear Ear team packed up and headed to Varni, a rural Indian town, where they screened over 700 student with the help of the Oto. Lily Truong, co-founder of Clear Ear, reported that during the screening they found many students with ear complaints and/or deafness.


The Oto captured a sponge in a child’s ear.


Impacted wax causing hearing impairment in a student’s ear.

For example, here is one student’s whose deafness was due to a large sponge stuck in his ear (above left) and another student with deafness due to ear wax impaction (above right). After the screening, the Clear Ear team provided 150 free ear cleanings for the students.

We love hearing how the Oto is used in the field. Thanks to the Clear Ear team for taking photos and keep up the good work!

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