Why We’re Excited About Apple’s New Releases


Source: TechCrunch.com

Apple released several groundbreaking products on Tuesday at their widely watched Keynote presentation. Among the announcements was the release of iOS 8, two new iPhone models (iPhone 6 and 6+), and the greatly speculated Apple Watch, which went on pre-sale today. We’re really excited about the future of health technology and think these new products will be a great accelerant for growth.

Apple's new Health App. (Source: Apple.com)

Apple’s new Health App. (Source: Apple.com)

iOS 8 will include a new app called Health which will provide an easy to read dashboard for displaying your health and fitness data from a wide range of devices and apps.  HealthKit will allow developers to tap into the health data and metrics (such as heart rate, blood glucose level, calories consumed, etc.) from any of your apps to make the metrics more meaningful and powerful. In the short term this doesn’t impact CellScope directly because there are no ear-related metrics, but it does provide a secure way of storing sensitive patient data directly on the iPhone.

As CellScope’s Senior iOS Developer, Chris Fox explains, “For health tech in general this is huge step forward as it provides a unified platform for all health related data. Instead of dozens of apps writing and storing their own data, every Health app can share data in a single recognized format. So if our users have a Misfit Shine or Apple Watch every Health app can tap into a variety of metrics to do all sorts of amazing things.”

The second big announcement was around the new iPhone models, which are thinner and much bigger than the previous 5 and 5S models. We are excited to get our hands on the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to find out how CellScope can release an Oto that is compatible with their new phone.

The new Apple Watch.

The new Apple Watch.

And last but not least the Apple Watch was announced. This is Apple’s first “wearable” device. Not only is it touted as an incredibly accurate timepiece but it will also function as a personal and comprehensive health and fitness device. We’re excited to see what it can do.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements on what the upcoming product launches mean for CellScope users! Subscribe here for updates about the Oto and other CellScope advances.

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