The Oto Helps Screen Ears in India


Lily Truong, co-founder of Clear Ear on the left overseeing the screening with CellScope’s Oto device.

The pool of health innovators is growing by large numbers, but the ear innovators, as we like to call them, are still a relatively small group. That’s why we were excited to connect with Clear Ear, a San Francisco start up who created two devices that safely remove wax from ears, the Oto-Tip for daily cleaning and the TEC Home for ear wax plug removal. As part of a recent Indiegogo fundraising campaign for manufacturing costs, donors could additionally help provide ear wax screening to students in countries abroad.  Continue reading

Why We’re Excited About Apple’s New Releases



Apple released several groundbreaking products on Tuesday at their widely watched Keynote presentation. Among the announcements was the release of iOS 8, two new iPhone models (iPhone 6 and 6+), and the greatly speculated Apple Watch, which went on pre-sale today. We’re really excited about the future of health technology and think these new products will be a great accelerant for growth. Continue reading

Meet the Team: The Brains Behind Our Data Team

Dan at the South Pole.

On this installment of meet the team, we’re happy to introduce you to Dan Golden, our Senior Image Scientist. Every new CellScope member is only really initiated once they’ve been corralled by Dan to do a set of burpees. Among many unique attributes, Dan is the only one on our team (and that I personally know) who has ever been to the South Pole. And that’s pretty cool! Here’s our interview with Dan. Continue reading