Mobile and Digital Health in the News: Labor Day Weekend Catch-up!

Whether you’re traveling or staying put for the long weekend, you’re going to need something interesting to read. So we’ve pulled together a few headlines from the news, an interesting podcast featuring our very own CEO, Erik Douglas, and a few great posts from our blog archives in case you missed them.

We hope you and yours have a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend.

In the News

12 Rockstar Women of Digital Health (The Digital Health Post)

Extreme medicine: The search for new antibiotics (Reuters)

In-Depth: Q2 2014 Digital Health State of the Industry (MobiHealthNews)


GlobalBiz: Health Technology, The BBC’s Peter Day Goes to Silicon Valley (Podcast) (BBC World Service)

From Our Archives

10 Things Yours Ears Hate

Best Practices: Positioning the Oto

Ear Myths Debunked

The Oto Visits the Maasai

One thought on “Mobile and Digital Health in the News: Labor Day Weekend Catch-up!

  1. To the Team,

    I am an Ophthalmologist, from Minnesota, who has been traveling to Guatemala for over 20 years doing mission eye surgery at the hospital in San Lucas Toliman, with the help of Fr. Greg Schaffer and the Diocese of New Ulm. After Ft. Greg passed away 2 years ago, the Friends of San Lucas, a 501c3 was set up to continue the work of the mission. Our mission, from the medical/surgical/dental side, is to provide medical/surgical and dental care to those living in extreme poverty in the San Lucas area.
    As the person in charge of the Hospital/Clinic Committee, I now have a wider role than just eye care. I am contacting you now, as the representative member of the Friends of San Lucas, because of my interest in the CellScope and its potential use in telemedicine to help the people of San Lucas. Please let me know what you think about this. I see a huge potential for using this instrument in physical diagnosis and lab diagnosis which are so challenging in the 3rd World.

    Best regards,


    Dr. Christopher Wallyn
    Friends of San Lucas

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