Digital and Mobile Health News Worth Reading


In the top stories this past week: there is evidence (an FDA meeting and a job post) suggesting that is moving into the healthcare space; AliveCor receives FDA approval for app algorithms that detect heart arrhythmia’s and the healthcare world is still in debate of whether or not wearables will be meaningful to your healthcare providers. You don’t want to miss these stories, plus they’re great for Sunday night reading.

Infographic: Top Digital Health Consumer Activities of U.S. Households (HIT Consultant)

FDA Approves AliveCor’s Heart Arrhythmia-Detecting App Algorithm (Venture Beat)

Amazon Meets with FDA, Healthcare is Likely the Topic (Modern Healthcare)

Guess What? Doctors Don’t Care About Your Fitbit Data (Venture Beat)

Why Hospitals are Investing in Telemedicine Technology (MobiHealthNews)

How Patients Want to Communicate with Their Physician (Technology Advice)

Intel and SMS Audio to Supercharge Fitness Wearables (Intel’s Newsroom)


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