Ear Pic of the Week: A Follow-Up Visit

A few weeks ago we shared a patient’s ear images as a reminder that it’s always good to check both ears.

This week Dr. Kody Finstad sent us his patient’s follow-up pictures for comparison. Dr. Finstad was happy to see that the fluid behind both eardrums was resolved and that the antibiotic treatment was successful. Easy comparison through a visual history is one of the reasons why docs love the Oto and we’re glad to see it in action! Check out the before and after photos.

Oto 2014-07-29 1707-00 Left Ear 2

BEFORE TREATMENT (Patient’s right ear)

Oto 2014-08-08 2243-11 Right Ear 2

AFTER TREATMENT (Patient’s right ear.



Oto 2014-07-29 1707-15 Left Ear 1

BEFORE TREATMENT (Patient’s left ear)

photo (2)

AFTER TREATMENT (Patient’s left ear)

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