Inside CellScope: Intern Diaries

Some of the team playing the Real Escape Game. That’s me (Eugenia) in the hat on the left.

“Welcome to CellScope!”

In the past few months, this has been a phrase oft repeated within the company. Two years after I had been introduced to CellScope and the wonderland that is an ear (seriously, if you’ve never seen the inside of an ear yet, you must check it out), I received this greeting several times during my first week as a summer intern. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to say it myself to others as the company has grown. 

Every week, as the team recounts their work progress at our all hands meeting, it’s made clear just how much and how fast the company grows. There are many times when, as I embark on a fruitless search for some mystifying bug, the Gong of Progress (as I secretly call it) resounds throughout the office. A new data milestone reached! New parts approved and ready for production! I relish the quick break from digging through dastardly lines of code that house the offending bug, but even more so the celebratory enthusiasm that radiates throughout the office. We cheer and clap and ask questions about the process leading to the achievement, as well as the steps to be taken afterwards.

The genuine excitement and curiosity that everyone has towards and about each others’ work and hobbies is infectious. In my time as a software development intern, I’ve learned about javascript frameworks, proper git and RoR practices, Rails upgrades, and eCommerce. But I’ve also gotten to learn about algorithms, device production, design, Frisbee throwing, and business development. Did you catch the tidbit about Frisbee throwing? Because I can now proudly say I know how to throw a Frisbee (actually doing so is another thing altogether, but that’s not what we’re talking about here). Just wanted to make sure you noticed.

As my time as an intern is quickly coming to a close I can’t help but wish that summer break were a little longer, if only to witness firsthand the beginnings of new CellScope products and the official launch of the CellScope Oto. Alas, the summer will end, but I will always have with me the irreplaceable experiences and knowledge that this journey through the ear landscape has equipped me with. Truly, I have enjoyed my time, and I can’t wait to hear more about CellScope’s growth and success!

Happy scoping!


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