Mobile and Digital Health in the News


This week in the news: the FDA put forth a proposal to deregulate a list of Class II medical devices, IBM’s Jeopardy winning super-computer, Watson, aims to prove its commodification as a medical expert, and commercial giant Walmart took a big step forward, allowing them you everything you need, including your health care.

In Ambitious Bid, Walmart Seeks Foothold in Primary Care Services (The New York Times)

Uber-Inspired Apps Bring a Doctor Right To Your Door (CNN)

FDA Suggested Deregulation Affects Smart Scales, Fertility Thermometers, and More (MobiHealthNews)

Need a Diagnosis or Checkup? Your Smartphone Is On Call (U.S. News and World Report)

IBM Aims to Make Medical Expertise a Commodity (MIT Technology Review)

Do Health Apps Need Government Oversight? (Motherboard)

When Wearable Health Trackers Meet Your Doctor (TechCrunch)

Enjoy the read!

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