User Stories: Saving Visits to the Doctor

We have the great privilege of hearing stories from our early users about how the Oto is already saving them time, money, and from the anxiety of wondering, “What is going on with my ears?”

Have you ever had a moment where all of a sudden everything sounded muffled or you realized you could no longer hear what people were saying? It can be a pretty scary experience. This is the situation one anonymous user found themselves in recently. With the help of the Oto, the user was able to get a clear picture of what was happening with their ears and were so excited about using the Oto they decided to write in to us.

Here’s the story that was shared with us.

“Turns out after wearing foam earplugs every night for like four years I had compacted ear wax to the very back of my ear, against the eardrum, to the point where it really affected my hearing. I woke up last Friday feeling like someone was covering my right ear. I complained about it all day at work until someone suggested I check it with the CellScope Oto.”

“If it wasn’t for the Cellscope Oto I would’ve gone to the doctor (spending time and money) on something that I could easily fix myself. I was able to remedy the problem at home by alternating between a hot showers, an ear wax removal kit from Walgreen’s, and checking my progress with the Oto. After an hour, I finally got everything cleared out. I even took before and after videos with the CellScope App! Just wanted to let you guys know how much it helped me!”

This story reminds me of our tagline, “See More, Know More.”  We are so glad the Oto proved helpful for this user!

Despite our enthusiasm at hearing such pleasant feedback, it’s important to note the Oto is not designed or intended to provide a diagnosis of ear infections or other ailments of the ear. The Oto should not be used as a basis for starting or modifying treatment without independent confirmation by medical examination. Please do not attempt self-diagnosis or self- treatment based on the recording results and analysis.

On a lighter note – CellScope is currently running pilots to allow for remote communication with a board-certified physician for cases just like this (available in select states only). For more information, subscribe to our mailing list.

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