Mobile and Digital Health in the News: Labor Day Weekend Catch-up!

Whether you’re traveling or staying put for the long weekend, you’re going to need something interesting to read. So we’ve pulled together a few headlines from the news, an interesting podcast featuring our very own CEO, Erik Douglas, and a few great posts from our blog archives in case you missed them.

We hope you and yours have a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend.

In the News

12 Rockstar Women of Digital Health (The Digital Health Post)

Extreme medicine: The search for new antibiotics (Reuters)

In-Depth: Q2 2014 Digital Health State of the Industry (MobiHealthNews)


GlobalBiz: Health Technology, The BBC’s Peter Day Goes to Silicon Valley (Podcast) (BBC World Service)

From Our Archives

10 Things Yours Ears Hate

Best Practices: Positioning the Oto

Ear Myths Debunked

The Oto Visits the Maasai

Promising Potential for mHealth in Rwanda

Today’s guest post is by Neil Rens, a biomedical engineering student at Johns Hopkins University. Neil contacted us in May with a vision to introduce several mHealth devices to practitioners in Rwanda during his time volunteering. We loved Neil’s entrepreneurial spirit and happily obliged.  Without further adieu, here is his story:  

Twenty years ago, the average life expectancy in Rwanda was 28 years, 78% of people were living below the poverty line and over 18% of children died before their fifth birthday (Partners in Health). Fast forward to 2014, and Rwanda’s healthcare (along with economy and political structure) has improved tremendously. Now people live an average of 56 years, only 45% are below the poverty line, and only 6% of children die within their first five years. How did such a transformation occur? And what is next in a country where the life expectancy is only 56 and 11% of people are moderately or severely underweight? Continue reading

Digital and Mobile Health News Worth Reading


In the top stories this past week: there is evidence (an FDA meeting and a job post) suggesting that is moving into the healthcare space; AliveCor receives FDA approval for app algorithms that detect heart arrhythmia’s and the healthcare world is still in debate of whether or not wearables will be meaningful to your healthcare providers. You don’t want to miss these stories, plus they’re great for Sunday night reading.

Infographic: Top Digital Health Consumer Activities of U.S. Households (HIT Consultant)

FDA Approves AliveCor’s Heart Arrhythmia-Detecting App Algorithm (Venture Beat)

Amazon Meets with FDA, Healthcare is Likely the Topic (Modern Healthcare)

Guess What? Doctors Don’t Care About Your Fitbit Data (Venture Beat)

Why Hospitals are Investing in Telemedicine Technology (MobiHealthNews)

How Patients Want to Communicate with Their Physician (Technology Advice)

Intel and SMS Audio to Supercharge Fitness Wearables (Intel’s Newsroom)


Ear Pic of the Week: A Follow-Up Visit

A few weeks ago we shared a patient’s ear images as a reminder that it’s always good to check both ears.

This week Dr. Kody Finstad sent us his patient’s follow-up pictures for comparison. Dr. Finstad was happy to see that the fluid behind both eardrums was resolved and that the antibiotic treatment was successful. Easy comparison through a visual history is one of the reasons why docs love the Oto and we’re glad to see it in action! Check out the before and after photos. Continue reading

Inside CellScope: Intern Diaries

Some of the team playing the Real Escape Game. That’s me (Eugenia) in the hat on the left.

“Welcome to CellScope!”

In the past few months, this has been a phrase oft repeated within the company. Two years after I had been introduced to CellScope and the wonderland that is an ear (seriously, if you’ve never seen the inside of an ear yet, you must check it out), I received this greeting several times during my first week as a summer intern. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to say it myself to others as the company has grown.  Continue reading

Meet the Team: Our First Employee


Chris Fox, our iOS developer, at Crater Lake.

Here at CellScope we have a weekly tradition called TTT (Teach The Team) where one person shares a hobby, skill, or interest with the rest of the team. So far there is no one that has surprised us more with their wide-ranging knowledge than Chris Fox, our iOS developer and first employee. One week it was a TTT on Storytelling through the Jurassic Park Movie, another week it was an impromptu TTT on “Everything You Need to Know about Mortgages.” We were very excited to interview Chris for this entry on Meet the CellScope Team!

Continue reading

Mobile and Digital Health in the News


This week in the news: the FDA put forth a proposal to deregulate a list of Class II medical devices, IBM’s Jeopardy winning super-computer, Watson, aims to prove its commodification as a medical expert, and commercial giant Walmart took a big step forward, allowing them you everything you need, including your health care.

In Ambitious Bid, Walmart Seeks Foothold in Primary Care Services (The New York Times)

Uber-Inspired Apps Bring a Doctor Right To Your Door (CNN)

FDA Suggested Deregulation Affects Smart Scales, Fertility Thermometers, and More (MobiHealthNews)

Need a Diagnosis or Checkup? Your Smartphone Is On Call (U.S. News and World Report)

IBM Aims to Make Medical Expertise a Commodity (MIT Technology Review)

Do Health Apps Need Government Oversight? (Motherboard)

When Wearable Health Trackers Meet Your Doctor (TechCrunch)

Enjoy the read!