Ear Pic of the Week: A Reminder to Check Both Ears!

Spoiler Alert! The takeaway of this case is that docs and parents alike should always take Oto ear exams of BOTH ears.

Dr. Kody Finstad, Pediatrician and esteemed CellScope Pioneer shared this week’s ear pic selection.

Recalling the visit, Dr. Finstad had the following details of a recent case:

“A 11 year-old boy presented to my office with two day history of fever (subjective), nasal congestion, sore throat, and new onset ear pain.”

Oto 2014-07-29 1707-00 Left Ear 2

Patient’s Right Ear (with scarring)

“The first image is of the patient’s right ear (you can see the small process of the malleus in the top right corner). It appears that he has some myringosclerosis (scarring) from previous ear infections… there is also some increased effusion in the superior portion of the eardrum, but I did not think there was an overwhelming amount of erythema (redness) or bulging. Although, surprisingly, this ear is the one the patient experienced the most pain with.”

Oto 2014-07-29 1707-15 Left Ear 1

Patient’s left ear needs further evaluation

“The second image (above) is of the patient’s left ear. I was actually more impressed with the large green/yellow bulge on the posterior aspect of this tympanic membrane. I treated him for a Bullous Myringitis of this ear nine months ago, so I suspect that there may still be a weakening of the posterior portion of this eardrum that allowed for collection of fluid in the middle ear to make it look so asymmetric. I cannot, however, exclude the possibility of a mass (such as a cholesteatoma) that will need to be followed up on.”

Dr. Finstad treated the infection with the antibiotic Amoxicillin, and plans to follow up with the patient when the course of antibiotics is finished. The Oto makes before and after-treatment comparison of the ear’s condition very easy for Dr. Finstad, and will help him decide the next course of action if the infection hasn’t resolved.

Thank you, Pioneer Finstad, for sharing this case! We love hearing how the Oto is enabling you to provide great patient care and for reminding us why it is important to always examine both ears with the CellScope Oto when an infection is suspected.


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