Ear Pic of the Week: Exostoses

This week’s “Ear Pic of the Week” comes to us from Dr. Stephen Boyce, an Otolaryngologist in Raleigh, North Carolina. We were enthralled by the quality of the image and the great visualization of the “bumps” protruding from the ear canal.

Oto 2014-06-11 1612-56 Right Ear 2

A picture of external canal exostoses or “surfer’s ear” captured by the Oto.

Dr. Boyce describes the above image:

“This demonstrates a typical appearance of external canal exostoses. These are benign bony outgrowths in the external canal that generally will not require treatment unless they become large and obstructing.  They are commonly known as ‘surfer’s ear’ because of their association with cold water surfing but may be seen in patients with other history of cold exposure. This patient was asymptomatic and required no treatment.”

Thank you Pioneer Dr. Boyce for sharing the fantastic image and shedding some light on surfer’s ear.

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