Meet the Team: An Interview with Co-Founder Amy Sheng

We’re excited to kick off a new series on the blog today called Meet the Team. While our team is still small (and growing!), it’s made up of extremely talented and passionate people with one thing in common: we’re all dedicated to change the way healthcare is delivered. Over the next few months we’ll be introducing new and old team members alike, giving you an exclusive sneak peek into the life of a Scoper (our affectionate name for CellScope employees)!


Co-Founder Amy Sheng.

For our first segment, we sat down with Co-Founder Amy Sheng for an in-depth interview. Amy leads our product operations at CellScope and among other notable accolades was named by Inc. Magazine as one of the 10 Women to Watch in Tech in 2013

CellScope (CS): Tell us a bit about your background before CellScope. 
Amy Sheng (AS): I studied mechanical engineering and human biology in undergrad. Some of my favorite classes involved designing and building things in the machine shop. One of my favorite projects was designing tire levers (a tool used to change flat tires on bikes) in the shape of corn cobs (at the time I was training for a bike ride across Iowa where there’s a lot of corn), using the 3-axis CNC machines to make both halves of the tooling and then seeing everything culminate on the injection molding machine. It was amazing watching the first corn cob tire lever come out of the tool! After school, I moved to Boston and worked in the medical device industry. I worked on medical devices for cardiovascular and hematology applications. I learned how much work is involved in releasing medical products and the variety of challenges involved.

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Mobile and Digital Health in the News

We’re excited to be apart of a quickly growing digital health space. Week after week we come across interesting and impactful news about digital health, research, and the transforming healthcare landscape. It feels only natural that we share them with other health tech enthusiasts.

Here’s what’s been in the news over the past few weeks:

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Hospitals Are Mining Patients’ Credit Card Data to Predict Who Will Get Sick (Bloomberg Business Week )

Can Software Make Health Data More Private? (MIT Technology Review)

Health Insurers Are Trying New Payment Models, Study Shows (The New York Times)

In-Depth: Rise of the ePatient Movement (HIT Consultant)

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The Berkeley CellScope Lab Goes to India


Indian collaborators surrounding the iPad CellScope. (Image courtesy of Arunan Skandarajah)

Here at CellScope, Inc. we are proud of our laboratory roots and remain connected to the Fletcher Lab at UC Berkeley, a leader in the mobile microscope development space. In fact, this is where Co-Founders Erik Douglas and Amy Sheng met (our founding story). While we are busy working on creating a digital toolkit for the home here in San Francisco, across the bay in Berkeley the Fletcher Lab continues to focus on new diagnostic applications for the CellScope mobile microscopes.  Continue reading