Paraffin Ear Plug, Forgotten!

Dr. Jerry Huo, an Otolaryngologist with three locations in and around New York City, captured an interesting case of a paraffin wax ear plug that had long since been forgotten.

A female patient presented with what she thought was fluid in the ear. Dr. Huo recalls, “She was shocked when I showed her the pic. She had forgotten that she had used paraffin ear plugs months back and one had been left in the canal.”


The obstructed view of the patient’s eardrum caused by a paraffin wax ear plug. (Captured by the Oto)

After Dr. Huo removed the ear plug from the patient’s ear canal, he captured another image with his Oto. As you can see, the eardrum does not appear normal.

Dr. Huo explained that the “the yellow color on the TM (eardrum) is due to the over-the-counter drops the patient had used prior to her visit in an attempt to remove what she thought was ear wax.”


The patient’s eardrum after the ear plug was removed. (Captured by the Oto.)


Thanks, Dr. Huo! And to all those who are trying to get some peace and quiet: don’t forgot about those plugs!

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