Pioneer Spotlight: Pediatrician Dr. Frank Baum

Frank R. Baum, M.D., a Pediatrician in Kahului, Hawaii is today’s Pioneer Spotlight. Dr. Baum has been in practice for 29 years, and has been using the Oto in his clinic for the past few months. He even took an video of his own, healthy-looking eardrum seen below!

Dr Baum's Right TM taken with the CellScope Oto

A snapshot of Dr. Baum’s Right eardrum taken with the CellScope Oto.

We interviewed Dr. Baum about his experience adopting the Oto technology and this is what he shared:

CS: How did you hear about the CellScope Oto?
Dr. Baum: I saw the Cellscope Oto mentioned in an article in Contemporary Pediatrics on technology and decided to learn more about the product.

CS: What led you to join the Oto Pioneer Program?
Dr. Baum: I have always tried to show parents infected eardrums using my regular otoscope, but I could never be sure they were seeing it. They always seemed to be drawn to the amount of wax and not what I wanted them to see. I was excited to try the Cellscope Oto.

CS: How have you integrated the Oto in your practice?
Dr. Baum: I have been trying to utilize the Oto as much as possible, especially when there is something of interest. Normal ears are not as fun to share with the patient as the infected ones!

CS: What do your patients think of the Oto?
Dr. Baum: The parents and children are amazed and excited to see inside the ear. When I pull out my phone to examine and record the ear exam, they are anxious to see what I have been looking at in their previous visits.

CS: How has the Oto impacted your practice so far?
Dr. Baum: I have enjoyed being able to capture interesting findings and show the video or photo to the child and parent. I cannot wait until my first foreign body can be recorded.
The children have been thrilled with photos of their eardrum, and actually cooperate a little better when they know that I am recording a video for them to watch.

CS: From your perspective, how do you see mobile health technology changing healthcare in the next 5 or 10 years?
Dr. Baum: Instead of parents calling and questioning whether or not their child is telling the truth about a sore ear, I imagine they will be sending me a video or photo for my opinion.


Thank you to one of our stellar Pioneers, Dr. Baum, for sharing his experience so far!

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