Why Clinicians Love The Oto!

We’ve compiled a short list of some reasons why our 600 Pioneer clinicians are loving using the Oto in their clinical practice. Check it out!

1. Engage Patients

I enjoy showing patients their ear examination – Hopefully they will understand their condition better. This has taken the place of my digital Otoscope from Welch Allyn.

– Dr. Jeoffry Wolens (Pediatrician, Texas)

2. Be The Go-To Doc

“I love this thing and parents are so excited about it. They are telling all their friends that I use it. They now ask for me when they need ear pain checked in office as I am the only one with an Oto!”

– Dr. Louay Keilani (Pediatrician, California)

3. Educate Parents

I have used the Oto to compare an exam to a previous one on follow-up. I was able to show a mom the eraser in her daughter’s ear this week!  I showed another mom that the day prior to seeing her daughter for an otitis media that her ears were normal at her well check up!

– Dr. Sloane Sevran (Pediatrician, California)

4. Medicate Meaningfully

“Parents come to me with expectations of antibiotics every time their child has a fever, cough, or pulling at the ears. This tool allows me to show them exactly why I am not giving antibiotics.”

– Dr. Steven Sample (Emergency Medicine, Indiana)

5. Confirm Your Clinical Diagnosis

I have text messaged a photo from the app to a doctor whom I believed had misdiagnosed otitis media. Doc was impressed. Good rapport builder.

– Dr. Michelle Gross (Audiologist, Colorado)

5. Don’t Miss Infections: 

“If it weren’t were for the Oto’s superior magnification and clear imaging, I would have missed an infection with my traditional otoscope.”

– Dr. Robert Quillin (Pediatrician, Texas)

6. Keep a Digital Record of Ear Exams

“Little patient’s ear was normal at well-visit. 2 weeks later, came back to clinic with ear infection. Captured both with CellScope.”


– Dr. Natasha Burgert (Pediatrics, Missouri)

7. Replace Your Outdated Traditional Otoscope

This has been the best electronic gadget, I have had!!! 🙂 My patients love it, both parents and the children. The view is so clear, I think I can’t live without it. Thank you Cellscope 🙂

– Dr. Carmen Marila Tavernas (Pediatrician, Utah)

8. Don’t Spend Money on Expensive Scopes

I consider the technology that allows the use of the smartphone to record an ear video without the cost of expensive scope instruments a big revolution.

– Dr. Elias Milgram (Pediatrician, Florida)

9. Teach Medical School Interns and Residents

“It’s an excellent tool for medical school and resident education.”

– Dr. Lawrence Lustig (Otolaryngologist, California)

10. Be On The Forefront of Remote Care

If parents have a CellScope (Oto in the home), they can transmit the pictures and we can keep kids out of the office in some circumstances

– Dr. Edward Lewis (Pediatrician, New York)

If you have additional reasons why you love using the Oto (or if you are not a Pioneer: why you would love using the Oto in your daily practice), tell us in the comments below!

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