Pioneer Spotlight: Dr. Nick Benson, AuD

Dr. Nick Benson with the CellScope Oto

Dr. Nick Benson taking a CellScope Oto selfie.

Our latest Pioneer of the Week is Pediatric Audiologist “>Dr. Nick Benson! Dr. Benson practices at the Providence Speech and Hearing Center in Mission Viejo, CA. His pediatric services range from newborn neurodiagnostics to hearing aid fittings. In a recent interview we asked Dr. Benson to give us insights on how he uses the Oto in his practice.

CS: How did you hear about the CellScope Oto?
Dr. Benson: At the 2013 Phonak Pediatric Conference in Chicago. 

CS: What led you to join the Oto Pioneer Program?
Dr. Benson: I think it’s an incredible use of technology because it’s easily accessible and improves the patient care experience.

CS: How have you integrated the Oto in your practice?
Dr. Benson: I use it to review otoscopy findings and to involve parents. It is also great for educating students and consulting with other professionals.

CS: What do your patients think of the Oto?
Dr. Benson: Everyone asks if it is my phone, to which I say “yes.” Most people say they’ve never seen anything like it before and they admire how far technology has come. It’s led to great conversations!

CS: How has the Oto impacted your practice so far?
Dr. Benson: Very positively. It helps immensely when communicating with patients about my diagnosis, especially when there are no signs or symptoms of infection.

CS: From your perspective, how do you see mobile health technology changing healthcare in the next 5 or 10 years?
Dr. Benson: I think a greater percentage of health care will move to mobile models in order to augment existing services. I anticipate a huge demand in rural communities and even in developing nations to provide state-of-the-art care through mobile devices. Using a phone to increase accessibility to health care is immensely attractive given that we know even people in developing world  have wide access to mobile phones.

Thank you, Dr. Benson for being an early adopter of the Oto and one of our beloved Pioneers.

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