Pioneer Spotlight: Dr. Leonard Reeves

We did it! We’re pleased to announce that there is now a CellScope Pioneer in every state in America (yep, all 50 of them) and Puerto Rico! We couldn’t have done it without you and our amazing Pioneers spreading the word to their colleagues and friends. A special thank you and warm welcome goes out to Dr. Oliveri for helping us set the record by adding the great state of New Hampshire to our map.

Speaking of our great Pioneers, we are delighted to name Dr. Leonard Reeves as our latest Pioneer of the Week. Dr. Reeves is a seasoned Family Physician from Rome, GA with 21 years of experience. We asked Dr. Reeves to give us his take on the Oto and how technology is transforming health care.


Dr. Leonard Reeves (image courtesy of Georgia Regents University)

CellScope (CS): How did you hear about the CellScope Oto?
Dr. Leonard Reeves: At the 2013 American Academy of Family Practice (AAFP) Assembly in San Diego, CA.

CS: What led you to join the Oto Pioneer Program?
Dr. Reeves: The awesome technology; the Oto gives better evaluations and allows me to share with my students and patients.

CS: How have you integrated the Oto in your practice?
Dr. Reeves: It’s a great teaching tool. Rather than rely on what my students can see (or think they see) I can look at the ear at the same time they do, and even replay the video recorded exam later if I need to.

CS: What do your patients think of the Oto?
Dr. Reeves: They are impressed, and amazed that they can actually see in their own ear (something they could never do before)!

CS: How has the Oto impacted your practice so far?
Dr. Reeves: It’s great for serial evaluations and for following acute problems. Patients can see what I am describing to them, and have a better understanding of what the issues are. I mostly see adult patients in the Free clinic, but I think there would be an educational opportunity for parents if children were involved too.

CS: From your perspective, how do you see mobile health technology changing health care in the next 5 or 10 years?
Dr. Reeves: I think as handheld technology continues to improves, so will health care. This will not replace the human element in the room, but it certainly gives us (physicians) more opportunity to educate patients, identify issues that may not have been noted before, and also would give an opportunity for easily capturing referral information.

Thanks for sharing with us Dr. Reeves, we are lucky to have you as a CellScope Pioneer!


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