Pioneer Spotlight: Mary Ann Gaskin, Au.D.

This week’s Pioneer of the Week is Mary Ann Gaskin, Au.D., an audiologist at Bayside Audiology & Hearing Aids in Lewes, DE.  Dr. Gaskin, who has been in a specialist in audiology diagnostics and hearing aids for 26 years, recently participated in our Pioneer spotlight interview.

How did you hear about the CellScope Oto?
From a colleague in Denver, CO. I immediately went to your website and signed up to be a Pioneer!

What led you to join the Oto Pioneer Program?
My cell phone is within 5 inches of my person where ever I am, including the office. The images I saw from my colleague were sharp and enabled visualization for a correct diagnosis. I had just spent $ 2300 on a HD video otoscope that is useless. It has poor images and we have had many issues with charging the unit. I knew the CellScope Oto would be perfect for my practice.

How have you integrated the Oto in your practice?
I use it daily with patients for diagnostic evaluation on new patients prior to conducting a hearing test. I also use it on return patients with hearing aids as they are often examined for cerumen (excess wax), a chronic problem for many hearing aid users. I used it to assist my sight line to while removing wax. It even helped me assess a hearing aid receiver that was occluded with wax.

What do your patients think of the Oto?
I am proud to share the device with everyone. Patients and colleagues alike are impressed with the images of the eardrums.

How has the Oto impacted your practice so far?
I have sent some images immediately from my cell phone to the ENT to evaluate. Compared to the computer-powered video otoscope, it’s much easier to use because I can go to my patient with my cellphone to examine the ears rather than my patients having to seat near a computer.

From your perspective, how do you see mobile health technology changing healthcare in the next 5 or 10 years?
I see the potential for more medical applications for monitoring health. The future is here! We no longer have to wait to use a smartphone in healthcare. I dispensed one of the first iPhone hearing aids last week to a patient. Now I am using my iPhone for two of the most important aspects of my job – diagnostics and hearing aids!

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