When The States Compete, Everyone Wins!

The CellScope Oto Pioneer Program is going strong with nearly 500 active clinicians around the country using the Oto! We thought a little friendly competition between states and territories would be a good way to start the week.

The Oto is now in 47 of the 50 states and Puerto Rico!

California is leading the pack with 67 clinicians participating in the Pioneer Program. The next four states are trailing behind California with a big gap, but are gaining momentum. Here’s a look at the states who are vying for the top spot.

Florida: 37 clinicians
Texas: 27 clinicians
New York: 25 clinicians
Georgia: 19 clinicians

We are looking to fill the map (and more), so if you know any interested clinicians from Wyoming, South Dakota, New Hampshire or Guam, the US Virgin Islands, the Mariana Islands or American Samoa, we’d love to have them take the Oto to unchartered territories!

To get access to your own iPhone Otoscope, sign up to become a Pioneer today.

Pioneer Sticker

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