Pioneer Spotlight: Christina Paulson, MD

Christina Paulson, MD is a CellScope Oto Pioneer and Pediatric Specialist at Pediatric Health Care Alliance in Tampa, FL. She has been in practice for 6 years and joined the Oto Pioneer Program less than a month ago!

Dr. Christine Paulson

Dr. Paulson  found out about the Oto through Facebook and has already helped us recruit more Pioneers by showing off her new tool to her colleagues and friends.

She recently shared a little bit about her excitement for new technologies in the mobile health field:

CellScope: What led you to join the Oto Pioneer Program?

Christina Paulson: Excitement about trying out a new product and about the teaching possibilities for patients and students.

CS: How have you integrated the Oto in your practice?

CP: I carry the Oto around with me at clinic in a little pouch and use it to share images with patients when I have interesting physical exam findings or interested patients.

CS: What do your patients think of the Oto?

CP: Patients and parents love it! I have always had patients who want to see their ears and now I have a way to show them. Likewise, the otoscopic exam can be hard for some students to learn. This is a good way to point out exam findings on actual patients.

CS: How has the Oto impacted your practice so far?

CP: It has provided some fun teaching opportunities and interactions with patients and families.

CS: From your perspective, how do you see mobile health technology changing healthcare in the next 5 or 10 years?

CP: Increased utilization as time goes on!

We are excited your are a part of the Oto utilization, Dr. Paulson! Keep up the good work.

Interested in using the Oto in your practice? Find out how to become a Pioneer here.

Pioneer Sticker

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