The Top Ten Outstanding Pioneers

The CellScope Oto Pioneer program is in full swing, and we have last week’s leader board to share! These docs amaze us with their passion for incorporating new technologies like the Oto into their practice to enhance the patient experience. Our Pioneer program now spans 48 states and Puerto Rico; 9 of the those states are represented in the TOP TEN:

  1. Sloane Sevran (Encino, CA)
  2. Edward Lewis (Rochester, NY)
  3. Amanda Harding (Johnstown, CO)
  4. Chris McCarthy (Spartanburg, SC)
  5. Brian Policano (Clarksburg, WV)
  6. Jessica Kaplan (San Francisco, CA)
  7. Anne Carter (South Pasadena, FL)
  8. Richard Han (Englewood, NJ)
  9. Mark Kelley (Holland, MI)
  10. Stephen Rashleigh (Savannah, GA)

Many docs are closing in on the top 10, so if you’re searching for your name to no avail or are just kicking off your stint as a Pioneer, keep them coming! We have so many stars this week, it was hard to resist not including another 10 or 15 Pioneers who are holding their ground, conducting over 25 exams per week.

Keep up the good work, Pioneers!

Who will be on the leader board next week? Will you make the cut?

Interested in using the Oto in your practice? Find out how to become a Pioneer here.

Pioneer Sticker

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