Ear Pic of the Week

A crusted over ear tube captured by the Oto.

An encrusted ear tube captured by the Oto.

This ear isn’t a pretty sight, but it definitely caught our eye! Curious as to what was happening in this ear, we asked Ms. Beverly Garber to give us the scoop for this week’s Ear Pic of the Week.

The patient is a 22 year-old woman with a history of eustachian tube dysfunction and who has previously had T-tubes. The dark, protruding figure in the center of the photo is a pressure equalization tube that is crusted over, rendering the tube ineffective.  Ms. Garber also noted the presence of granulation tissue surrounding the tube. Granulation tissue is made up of newly formed connective tissue and small blood vessels that aid in the healing process of a wound.

Thanks for sharing, Ms. Garber!

Ms. GarberA.N.P.-C, is an Adult Nurse Practitioner who specializes in general Otolaryngology from Davis, CA and is a CellScope Oto Pioneer.

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