The Oto in Mexico & The Flying Doctors

Dr. Kahn examining an ear of a patient in Mexico.

Dr. Kahn examining an ear of a patient in Mexico.

One of our CellScope Oto Pioneers, Dr. Jonathan Kahn, sent us this photo (above) last week; it was so great we just needed to share it!  Dr. Kahn explained that the photo shows him examining a patient in Mexico with his CellScope Oto.

Dr. Kahn travelled to Ensenada, Mexico as a volunteer with the nonprofit organization Los Medicos Voladores (The Flying Doctors). Along with a group of dentists and other health professionals, the group provided free care to orphans and villagers in a small local community outside of Ensenada.

In the clinics, Dr. Kahn saw a number of patients with ear problems, mainly otitis externa and otitis media. He kindly wrote, “the Cellscope device was helpful in explaining the medical problem and treatment. Thanks again for letting me use this fun and useful device!”

Thank You, Dr. Kahn for sharing this great photo! We work hard to see moments like this happen and it sure does bring a big smile to our faces.

Dr. Kahn is Associate Chief Head and Neck Surgery at Kaiser Walnut Creek.

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