Who is a Pioneer Hero?

Another great week of scoping from our Pioneers all over the country!

This past week our Pioneer team logged over 1500 exams! Far exceeding the 25 exams per week minimum, here are our top 10 Pioneer Heroes, from 8 states.

Pioneer Heroes

  1. Sloane Sevran (Encino, CA)
  2. Neil Rebbe (St. Louis, MO)
  3. Edward Lewis (Rochester, NY)
  4. Jessica Kaplan (San Francisco, CA)
  5. Nathan Boonstra (Urbandale, IA)
  6. Marc Habert (Poughkeepsie, NY)
  7. Anne Carter (South Pasadena, FL)
  8. Mark Kelley (Holland, MI)
  9. Carmen Tavernas (Tooele, UT)
  10. Melinda Amosu (Newnan, GA)

Keep up the good work, Pioneers!

Who will be on the leader board next week? Will you make the cut?

Interested in using the Oto in your practice? Find out how to become a Pioneer here.

Pioneer Sticker

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