CellScope Pioneers in the Lead!

We think all of our CellScope Pioneers are amazing! Each week Pioneers aim to log at least 25 ear exams with the Oto, but some super Pioneers far exceed this number.

We thought it would be great to find out who was on that super Pioneer list. From our dashboard we pulled together a list of the Pioneers that logged the most exams last week. We were blown away to find that in one week, these 12 pioneers logged close to 500 exams!!

Leader Board

1. Neil Rebbe (St. Louis, MO)
2. Anne Carter (South Pasadena, FL)
3. Sloane Sevran (Encino, CA)
4. Jennifer Moore (Norwalk, CT)
5. Charlotte Sloan (Myrtle Beach, SC)
6. Christopher McCarthy (Spartanburg, SC)
7. Darrin Cottle (Tooele, UT)
8. Melinda Amosu (Newnan, GA)
9. Jesse Hackell (Pomona, NY)
10. Brian Policano (Clarksburg, WV)
11. Marco Alcala  (Wexford, PA)
12. Donald Gronbeck (Grove City, OH)

Who will be on the leader board next week? Will you make the cut?

Interested in using the Oto in your practice? Find out how to become a Pioneer here.

Pioneer Sticker

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