CellScope Pioneers Forging New Territory Across the U.S.

Cell·Scope Pi·o·neer 
n. A clinician and iPhone 5 user eager to use the CellScope Oto and log a minimum of 25 ear exams per week.

There are now hundreds of CellScope Pioneer clinicians spread across the United States. They are working hard and wowing patients with the CellScope Oto. In less than eight weeks, the Pioneers have logged over 15,000 ear exams!

Our Pioneers are located all across the country. Just take a look at the Pioneer map below! The largest population of Pioneers are located in California, followed by Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania. They range in specialties from Primary Care, Audiology, to Emergency Medicine and ENT.

Pioneers Across the U.S. Each color represents a different specialty.

CellScope Pioneers across the U.S. Each color represents a different specialty.

You may notice that we are currently experiencing a Pioneer desert in the Dakotas (North and South), Wyoming, and Alaska. Know a good physician in those states? Let them, and any other great clinicians you know that we are actively recruiting Pioneers.

The CellScope Pioneer program is simple: licensed clinicians commit to logging a minimum of 25 exams (with diagnosis) per week into the Oto system. Not only do Pioneers get exclusive early access to the Oto, but their voices are listened to and will help shape improvements to the Oto system.

Want to become a CellScope Pioneer? Sign up now!

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