The Oto at Home: Tasha’s Story

Tasha of Born with Cholesteatoma

Tasha of Born with Cholesteatoma

Meet Tasha, she’s a mom of two and an early fan of the CellScope Oto. In May 2012, Tasha’s youngest daughter was diagnosed with a rare condition called congenital cholesteatoma. Cholesteatoma is a condition, either congenital or acquired, that causes abnormal growth of skin in the middle ear, behind the eardrum. The growth while not cancerous can damage the bones in the ear and result in permanent hearing loss.

A comparison between a normal ear versus an ear with cholesteatoma.

A comparison between a normal ear versus an ear with cholesteatoma. Image credit:

After her daughter’s diagnosis, Tasha became frustrated at the lack of resources and information available about young children with cholesteatoma since most websites focused on older children and adults. This inspired Tasha to start her website and blog, Born With Cholesteatoma, which exists to provide a resource and meeting place for parents of children with cholesteatoma.

While the Oto was still in development, Tasha contacted us hoping to try it for herself. Even though the Oto wasn’t ready yet, we knew we had to get her an Oto since it was designed with parents like Tasha in mind.  In August of 2013, we reconnected with Tasha to see if she wanted to participate in a home test; she happily obliged.

Tasha has since chronicled her experience with the CellScope Oto in a three-part blog series. In Part 1, Tasha shares the backstory and her first impressions of the Oto prototype. The story gets exciting in Part 2, as Tasha begins frequently monitoring what appears to be a blocked ear tube in her youngest daughter’s ears. Tasha heads to the doctor’s office with her daughter in Part 3. Using photos from the Oto, she was able to avoid the common problem of trying to explain what something used to look like to her healthcare providers.

“I loved having the CellScope,” gushed Tasha. Several doctor visits, many Oto ear exams, and one resolved ear infection later Tasha writes, “Just the opportunity alone to catalog my daughter’s ears on an ongoing basis was/would be of incredible value to me, because I was able to show the images to her health professionals.”

Tasha, thanks for sharing! We are so glad we were able to share the Oto with you.

Head over to Tasha’s blog to read the full story.

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