CellScope Oto travels to Kenya

Recently a CellScope Oto prototype headed to East Africa in the hands of Dr. Michael Scahill, MD, MBA where it made its debut at a Jacaranda Health clinic in Nairobi, Kenya.

Dr. Mike Scahill, a third-year resident at UCSF and pediatric economist at Jacaranda Health, found the Oto so compelling he asked if he could take it with him to Kenya. “Tapping innovative technologies like CellScope is key to our strategy,” says Dr. Scahill, who is responsible for building out the pediatric services at Jacaranda Health.

Their mission: to bring affordable and quality maternal and newborn health for low-income women in East Africa. Jacaranda Health’s network of private maternity clinics uses innovation to provide a truly sustainable business model for delivering high-quality, patient-centered care in resource-poor settings.

While at the Jacaranda Health clinic, Dr. Scahill had the opportunity to use the Oto prototype to perform ear exams on the infants coming in for a check up.

Dr. Scahill examines an infant's ears using the Oto prototype.

Dr. Scahill examines an infant’s ear using the Oto prototype.

Dr. Scahill getting excellent images of the ear using the Oto prototype.

The Oto prototype in action.

Thank you, Dr. Scahill for introducing the Oto to the families Jacaranda Health serves!

You can learn more about Jacaranda Health and their great work at http://jacarandahealth.org/

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