Announcing a New Partnership with ReelDx

REEL Dx Dark Blue We are happy to announce that we have teamed up with ReelDx to increase visibility of our respective products! ReelDx is a Portland, OR based company that uses real patient video cases to help students and professionals alike master the art of medicine.

Dr. Spiro, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of ReelDx had this to say about the partnership, “CellScope’s innovative yet easily accessible technology is changing the way physicians gather and share quality images for diagnosis. We see a perfect synergy between our companies and are excited about this new partnership.”

ReelDx producing doctors will now be able to use the CellScope Oto to capture high quality video ear exams, which will be highlighted in the cases featured on the ReelDx platform. You will also see some of the ReelDx Oto videos and links to new case studies showing up here on the Tympanic Times Blog. Be on the look out for great content coming your way soon from the doctors at ReelDx!

We leave you with a great video taken by Dr. Rosenbloom from ReelDx of a patient with Acute Otitis Media (AOM).

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